Review of KO Katfighters

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKO Katfighters – 12 Mins

katfightWe join our newest wrestler, Amber, in the dressing room as she’s looking over our collection of bikinis. Suddenly, an angry Tommie barges in and tells the new girl that we don’t need any new girls at FWR! A hair pulling catfight begins but our producer quickly stops the girls, telling them that we’ll settle it in the ring. Cut to the wrestling ring where the rules are given … the first girl to get 5 knockouts is the winner. The beauties agree and immediately go for each other’s hair again and drop to the mat. Tommie manages to trap Amber in a sleeper hold to take the first knockout. Our dark haired fem continues her attack with three more knockouts until Amber suddenly comes to life to grab Tommie in another hair pulling catfight! This time Amber manages to knock Tommie out with a face punch, some head smashes outside the ring, a stunner inside the ring, a sleeper, and a final side reverse head scissors! We’re happy to present our newest wrestling beauty … Amber!

This is a great introduction to the newest addition to the FWR roster. I love that we get to see the beautiful new comer get KO’d a few time and KO Tommie a few times, eventually coming up with her first win at FWR. Amber is the right size for either a winning or losing role, especially against a girl the size of Tommie, so this really works well. I like the “Katfighting” aspect of this vid, with a very good intro and a little added hair pulling and rolling around, but this is still a wrestling match, with the fist flying, the scissor holds, and even spilling outside the ring for a little bit. I think Amber sold her KOs great and did just as well knocking out Tommie. Tommie did just as well, which I expect from Tommie at this point. Both the ladies look great, performed well and with this many KOs in a 12 min time span, you’re not going to catch me complaining one bit about this one. In fact, I wouldn’t mind see more KO Katfighting in the near future.

Overall Score: 9/10