Review of KO Fun with Becca & Kelsi

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms KO Fun with Becca & Kelsi – 13 mins

If you’re a longtime fan of FWR you’ll remember Kelsi from our earlier videos. She got beat up by the best in the business … Kristie Etzold, The Burbank Bomber, Cali Logan, Natashja, Vanessa Harding and many more. She’s known for her jobber roles and now has joined us again for more fun! We brought in our current eye crossing, silly knockout star Becca and had them both choose knockout props to see who would get knocked out the most. Kelsi chose a blow up mallet, a vape with knockout gas, a wooden spoon, and boxing gloves. Becca chose a rubber ball, a black jack, a wok lid, and boxing gloves. Let the fun begin!!

Kelsi is back! FWR has been having a lot of new and great talent joining the roster, but I am beyond excited to have Kelsi back after all these years. And they get right to the good stuff by putting Kelsi and Becca together in a silly KOs vid. I love the way that FWR does silly vids, they have a style that no one else can match and this one is proof of that again. Even from the start of this one you can see how fun it’s going to be, with Becca accidentally knocking out Kelsi with the door, to their fight to see who can get them most KO toys, where Rick just leaves them to settle amongst themselves. Than once they’ve gathered their KO equipment, we get this great back and forth silly KO showdown where is it so clear that both Becca and Kelsi are just having a ton of fun being goofballs, which for me is just as much fun to watch. They both sell exaggerated silly reaction before going down and even worked together to KO each other in one of the scenes. Of course there’s no better way to end a video like this than a double KO and a nice little body pile. You guys already know that I love Becca, but I am overjoyed to have Kelsi back and after this great re-introduction video, I hope we start adding to that list of great stars who’ve beaten up Kelsi.

Overall Score: 9.5/10