Review of KO Bearhug Match with Ragdolling

Review of DefeatedKO Bearhug Match with Ragdolling – 12 Mins

lilithLittle Lilith tries again to fight Tracy, who is much bigger than her. This is a one-sided match, focused on bearhug (with arms inside so the victim can’t react). Tracy destroys Lilith in 3 different bearhug, and ends her in a back scissor hold bearhug combo. We can see the struggle in Lilith who can’t fight back in anyway, before she goes out. Tracy then have fun with Lilith with some ragdolling, to humiliate the knocked out little girl.

More Defeated action for you guys and again the tiny and helpless Lilith tries her luck again vs Tracy and again is totally dominated. I am a huge fan of Lilith’s continuous failed attempts to battle Tracy, each time Tracy focus on a different move to dominate Lilith. This time she picks bearhugs. I really like that she traps Lilith’s arms in the bearhug making her even more helpless. I love watching Lilith struggle so much, but never even get close to breaking free. This time I even get a little ragdolling at the end, well more like limp play, as Tracy doesn’t actually put her in any more holds but rolls and drags the sexy unconscious little jobber around on the mats for a little while. These matches with Lilith and Tracy have been really simple matches but I’ve totally enjoyed them all. This one, with the added limp play at end, has been my favorite so far. I’d would still like to see some more brutal defeats of Lilith, but this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Overall score: 9/10