Review of Knockout Game

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Review of Kayla ObeyKnockout Game – 7 mins

Knockout Game! First person to lose 2 matches loses their clothes! Round 1- You and Kayla trade punches, as she gets hit she gets dizzier and stupider. She makes silly eye rolling faces while trying to punch back before ultimately losing the first round. Slumped on the ground, her eyes roll and she makes silly faces and her head lolls around. Round 2- Kayla comes in strong, taunting you and punching you as your vision starts to go. She makes fun of your crossed eyes and silly smile. Once you’re on your knees, she gets down and teases you a bit before knocking your lights out with one final punch. Final Round- You’ve put weights in your gloves, each punch making her get sillier more quickly than before. She tries to accuse you of cheating but becomes so disoriented she begins complimenting your hits. She falls to the ground, eyes rolling in her head and a goofy smile on her face. She’s left in just her bikini, socks, and boxing wraps as the loser.

Kayla Obey brings us another great POV vid with this silly boxing match. Of course I couldn’t get this vid fast enough after knowing that I was going to be in for some silly boxing action from Kayla. She really does an excellent job with these kinds of videos, over selling the goofiness just perfectly. It’s also great to know that she has boxing gloves, as I know that I will definitely be using those for an upcoming custom. Kayla does win the second round, for those who love seeing Kayla come out on top and show off some of her cockiness, but in the end she gets knocked silly again and knocked out. Silly reaction, like this, done right by not being too silly always make me laugh and Kayla does silly similes and silly faces just right. There was a loser loses their clothes stipulation for this bout, a great idea in theory, but I found it a bit anticlimactic because the bikini she wore underneath wasn’t much skimpier than what she was originally wearing, so not much to gain there, but the idea is good. I absolutely loved watching her get knocked silly with all her eye rolling and goofy faces which easily makes this video worth checking out and had also inspired some ideas for what I’ll be asking Kayla to do for me in my next custom.

Overall score: 9/10