Review of Knockout Boxers V

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKnockout Boxers V – 17 mins

Fashioned after our previous “Knockout Boxers” videos, this one involves having the beauties wearing sexy bikinis. Peyton and Becca go round after round, knocking each other out. The punches are hard and the mouth guards sometimes fall out as these beautiful boxing women pound away at one another. The girl with the most knockouts at the end of 15 minutes is declared the winner. But in reality, you’re the main winner because you get to watch the action up close and personal! Enjoy!

Becca and Peyton throw hands again in another amazing entry in to the Knockout Boxers series. One thing is definitely true about this one and that is we, the fans, are definitely the winner of this one. Again Peyton and Becca go toe to toe dishing out back and forth knockouts in this well paced video. Just like all the pervious Knockout Boxers vids the rounds are quick and simple with quick 5 count KOs. Both girls have mouth pieces, which eliminate any and all trash talking, but add the mouth pieces flying out from big punches. I do love the big KOs and the flying mouth pieces, I do miss the trash talking a bit, as I am a big fan of trash talking. I love the great boxing actions, the great reactions of both Becca and Peyton and the pure number of KOs in this video. I love this series, because it is like a highlight reel of my favorite part of boxing matches, the KO at the end. This is a great video, of course, because Peyton and Becca are amazing, as always. This is some great boxing action between FWR’s best, you just can’t go wrong.

Overall Score: 9.9/10