Review of Knockout Boxers IV

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKnockout Boxers IV – 15 Mins

Two young beauties, Becca and Peyton, are dressed in sports bras, tiny bikini bottoms, and boxing gloves and stand in the corners of the ring. It’s a known fact that they’re very competitive and LOVE to fight each other whenever the chance arises! They’re each given a mouthpiece for protection and the rules are explained. If a girl is knocked down she gets a 5 count to rise. The girl with the most knockouts in 15 minutes is declared the winner. The fight goes back and forth with each boxer slamming their gloves into their opponents face and belly. This match is brutal and contains several knockdowns and intense knockouts! The boxing gloves fly as they hit each other with all they have, going back and forth with each girl knocking each other out over and over again. Sometimes they get hit so hard that the mouthpieces fly or fall out of their mouths. As an added attraction the girls do a sexy foot on face victory pose when they win a round! Don’t miss this awesome boxing match!

If the invisible foe series is arguable my favorite series from FWR this is the definite number 2 series. I love everything about this matches, tons of knockouts, flying mouth pieces, tons of heavy punches and amazing dazed reactions to those punches, and the 5 count KO actually does a great job of keeping the video at a pretty high pace. Then add in the fact that this is Becca vs Peyton, #1 vs #2 at FWR in my book and only greatness follows when a match starts with Becca vs Peyton, every time. These girls know how to work both sides of the fence and there is no better example than this right here. These matches are just like a personal highlight reel for all the things I love about boxing vids, I’m not going to list them again, but you should get the idea. I don’t have a single complain to thing I would change about this, well, make having there girls in boots instead of barefoot, but that’s not enough to spoil my love for this vid and this two amazing performers. Overall, this and the rest of this series are definitely “must own” in my opinion.

Overall Score: 10/10

  • I don’t like the mouthguard… 🙁 I hope they never use that again because such thing removes all the sensuality of teeth, lips and tongue (and those two angels have wonderful mouths). Their mouths are too pretty to be misshapped this way.

    • why am i not surprised that you feel that way.

      • Teeth, lips and tongue are important, man! They express so much! 😉

  • Hair! Hair! Hair! Give me lots of long wonderful hair scattered all over women’s faces and all over the ground! Lovely!!!

  • OMG

    We’re all so different. I’d say the best series is Anything Goes and then Invisible Foe. Knockout Secret would be the best if they’d do more and expand it beyond Becca. I’m really not into POVs or intense kos or mouthguards. I wish there’d be more Anything Goes type things but with more than 1 or 2 goofy ko in it. More bang for the buck.

    • OMG you’re right! The differences is what makes this more fun, for me at least, getting to find out all the little differences that make you guys tick. And if there was a series with more good KOs that would be high on my list as well. Another thing, you do now the Knockout secret vids are POVs, right?

    • Get. Out. NOW.

      I kid, I kid. To paraphrase Sinatra, whatever gets you through the night is fine with me, but I had to laugh because I like everything you don’t. I ADORE POV vids (because who wouldn’t want to get beaten up by some of these girls?), intense KOs are a perfect way to finish a match, IMO, and mouthguards add a layer of legitimacy that I dig (although they’re not necessary).

      As long as I’m on my soapbox, I do wish more boxing videos would feature finishes where the loser is knocked out but not knocked unconscious. I’ve always loved endings where the loser either tries to get up but can’t, or stays down and admits defeat. Either way, she knows she’s been beaten, which obviously can’t happen if she’s taking a nap.

  • I actually really like the mouthguards in boxing matches something bout them biting down on the mouth piece and the way it looks and especially the mouth piece being knocked out of their mouth when they get dropped love it haha even more so if they have them drool after being dropped and it knocked out.

    • the mouth pieces getting knocked out is definitely the highlight for me, and drooling is always welcomed.