Review of Knocked Out Of Her Shoes

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Review of Helpless and UnawareKnocked Out Of Her Shoes – 17 mins

Jay has MoRina fooled into thinking he can mesmerize her and that he has been studying and practicing his skills. She willingly tells him to try it out on her and she watches the crystal ball swing side to side, but without success. She tells him it isn’t working, so he knocks her out instead… to fool her into thinking his mesmerizing techniques worked! MoRina falls back on the bed and is knocked right out of her shoes! Her flats have completely come off, exposing her bare feet! She wakes up and Jay figures out another way to whack her right out of her shoes as she falls to the ground. He pokes her with the club to verify that she is completely limp and unaware, and even pushes her limbs around a bit with his foot. After being knocked down a few times, MoRina is so lightheaded from all that “mesmerizing” that Jay has done to her that she all on her own… again, coming right out of her shoes each time she falls to the ground!

A nice and easy one here, with story that’s good for a laugh and a good handful of KOs with some nice up skirt shots. I think it’s funny that since his hypnosis didn’t work he was prepared to KO MoRina with the blackjack. MoRina gives us some nice dead falls and of course always lands with her legs spread so we can see those hot pink panties under her jean skirt. The shoes falling off added to the humor in this one more than anything else. I thought I was funny that she manages to kick them off each time and funnier that she would put them right back on after each KO too. The funniest KO, sadly not mentioned, is MoRina tries to hypnotize Jay, but somehow she just gets “mesmerized” again. This is a good and simple vid, with a good number of KOs and a little added humor, done well.

Overall Score: 8.5/10