Review of Knocked Out and Dragged Out

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKnocked Out and Dragged Out – 10.5

We’ve had several fans ask for us to include more dragging around of unconscious wrestlers so when this custom script came to us we were happy to produce it. The premise is simple, Kat and Persephone knock each out then drag each other around. Persephone starts the video by challenging any girl to a match. Kat accepts and the fight is on! This video focuses more on the dragging than on the fighting but the knockout fans will enjoy a head smashing into the ring apron ko, a mounted punch out ko, a figure four leglock followed by an ankle twisting leg lock pain-created ko. Each girl gets plenty of drag time in with the final scene including a victorious Kat dragging Persephone throughout the house. Enjoy!

Rick is right, as one of his knockout out fans, I did enjoy the KOs laced throughout this video. But the dragging around is the main attraction for this one and there was plenty of that. I like that the KOs are quick and I like the limp dragging too. I think both Kat and Persephone did a good job with their trash talking as they are both confident and cocky before getting KO’d by the other. I found it funny that they would call Rick to complain about the other, I just pictured Rick on the other end of the phone shaking his head, in disbelief that they keep calling. I didn’t expect this one to leave the FWR ring area, so it was a cool plus to have Persephone dragged through the house too, at the end. It’s a super simple concept, and they ladies did a great job making this one fun and sexy. If you like seeing cute girls, out cold and dragged around, with a few KOs, submission holds and some humorous trash talk, then this is one you need to see.

Overall Score: 9/10