Review of Knock Yourself Out

Review of Tracy Jordan’s World of FetishKnock Yourself Out – 17 mins

I love to knock myself out! I have several items to knock myself out with and I want you to watch me! I have a baton, a big bat, a brick, a frying pan and boxing gloves so I can punch myself out! While I’m knocked out, I love it when people play with and smell my hair. I have such long, thick and beautifully smelling hair. Some people love to come in really close and see the part in my hair, smell my hair, run their fingers through it! It’s so dark, long and sexy. You won’t be able to resist it! Once I wake up, I will knock myself out again. It gets easier each time! I cross my eyes, see birdies and say cuckoo, cuckoo! At the end, I’ll even let you knock me out! Come have fun with me! Knock yourself out!

I don’t actually know how old this video is, I just saw it the other day and picked it up. I’ve always enjoyed watching Tracy getting knocked out, her eye rolling and crossing is some of the best, but I don’t actually have that many of her videos. Not really sure why. This video was pretty fun. It’s one of those videos that adds some idea of hair smelling, while she’s knocked out. It’s another one of the fetishes I don’t fully understand, but doesn’t ruin the experience for me. I still got a bunch of self KOs with Tracy’s traditional silly style of selling. And I got some pretty good KO poses as well as a sort of boxing KO, at least she had boxing gloves on for a KO, which is nice. Overall, this was a simple, fun and light hearted, POV KOs video that was enjoyable to watch.

Overall score: 8/10