Review of King of the Muscles!

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Review of Fabulous Layla’s Fighting ClipsKing of the Muscles! – 29 Mins

Layla struts around the room flexing her mighty biceps… her much smaller foe, Little Mina stands tries to size up the lumbering amazon. Before she knows what is happening, Layla is rolling up Mina’s sleeves so she can take a look at her muscles. Layla laughs when she takes a look a Mina’s arms, how weakened puny she looks!! The two go round and round, while Layla leads the petite Asian around by her arm. Layla keeps flexing her bicep and taking trash the whole time!! To her credit, Mina never gives up and keeps fighting back and flexing her own muscles, even after she has been forced to kiss her muscles over and over, stripped and forced to do some pushups… all part of Layla’s “power training”! Layla is still humored by Mina’s minuscule muscles so she continues to laugh at her! Soon she decides that her bulging biceps are best put to use by giving Mina a wicked sleeper hold! She wraps her up tight, and nearly says nighty night! Mina struggles, but nothing can help her from the crazy amazon’s wrath!!!! Layla sits on her chest and proclaims that she is “King of the Muscles” and she must kiss her biceps! Still flexing while sitting on her chest Layla still talks trash to the barely hanging on little Mina!! Her tongue sticks out and her eyes roll back in her head… Layla has totally defeated Little Mina in a battle of the biceps, so Layla forces Mina to kiss her biceps again, and admit that Layla is truly “King of the Muscles”!

I grabbed this one mainly to see Little Mina get beaten up, which is a new favorite thing of mine, but this one takes quite a while to get to that part. The first half of this video is all about muscle worship, which is forced upon Mina, being completely over powered by Layla. At least the trash talking is plentiful and entertaining and it’s not so bad watching Layla drag Little Mina around, force her to kiss her arms, all while Mina complains and tries to flex her muscles too. This vid really kicks off for me once things get a little violent. Layla starts choking, scissoring and sitting on Mina, which makes for a lot of eyerolling and tongue protrusion from Mina, although she never gets knocked all way out, a few close ones, but no real KOs. This goes one for the second half of the vid, which is plenty. It ends with a little more arm kissing and one more sitting one Mina victory pose. I would be happy with just the second half of the video, I do love the way Mina sells and I’ll be looking for more from her, hopefully getting beaten up and KO’d the whole time.

Overall Score: 8/10