Review of Kick Boxer vs Muay Thai Fighter

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKick Boxer vs Muay Thai Fighter – 15 Mins

PeytonIn this custom video, Peyton has been dominating the ring with her kick boxing skills, knocking out girl after girl. The opening scene is actually the ending of a match were Peyton easily knocks out the defeated Becca. We cut to a new match and find Peyton shadow boxing in the corner, talking about how much fun she’s been having in her recent matches when suddenly, Becca appears looking tough and transformed into a new boxer. It turns out that after being beaten by Peyton, the blond went to Thailand to train in the art of Muay Thai fighting! A swift kick to the jaw sends a stunned Peyton to the mat but she’s a tough little girl and both boxing beauties go at it in a slugfest filled with punches and kicks! Becca finds herself in the corner taking tons of punishment but finally battles back and this fight becomes a one sided beat down! Peyton is sent to the mat several times and Becca enjoys playing with the outclassed brunette. A final sweeping kick to the jaw sends poor Peyton flying to the mat, knocked out and badly beaten! There are several slow motion sequences throughout this epic battle and although the Muay Thai style of fighting might not be perfectly replicated we SURE that you’ll love watching these two beautiful girls beat the stuffing out of each other!

When I get Peyton and Becca in a vid together, that vid pretty much has a free pass to my favorites list. Add in that it’s a boxing vid, or in this case a kickboxing/Muay Thai vid and I almost don’t even have to see it before it’s a favorite. Well, luckily I did see this one and as I expected, I love it. I like that it’s a revenge match and we do get to see Becca KO’s in the first match. I like that is starts out back and forth, with both girls scoring a knockdown, but I love that it soon becomes very one sided as Peyton losses the wherewithal to keep fighting. I also love that Peyton gets knocked down a lot, she has to struggle back to her feet 5+ times before the final KO, which is a total and complete KO. I love when these girls work together, I think they just play off each other so well. This is definitely another one for my favorites list as it fills all my wants for a boxing vid.

Overall Score: 9.5/10