Review of Kerie Clones Last Stand

Review of Velvets FantasiesKerie Clones Last Stand – 12 Mins

kerieKerie Hart returns to as the beautifully deadly Kerie Clones! Agent Velvets is sent with the task with taking out several clones stationed around a nearby lair.  Along with some help from her lethal machine gun, Jacquelyn mows down clone after clone, leading to tons of sprawled out bodies, awkward limb positions, post death machine-gunnings, and wall-slides that would seem like Jacquelyn has got this mission in the bag! As soon as she gets cocky however, she is confronted with the REAL Kerie by gunpoint, and she’s not going to go down so easily as her clone adversaries. Luckily for Jacquelyn, she’s a pro and knows how to handle such a situation: with a heavy spray of bullets!

Another Velvets mutli-clone demise video brought to you by request. This one I had to dig out of the archives and re-watch before posting this and I got to say this is one that shouldn’t have every been buried. Kerie Hart does an amazing job of being gunned down by the sexy Agent Velvets. The scenes are quick, to the point and most of them give you a reason to laugh as the poor clones get sprayed down. From sentry clones chatting away on the phone, or sleeping on the job and getting surprised attacked, to Miss Velvets “no look” over the shoulder take down, while carrying a cat mind you, I found my having a laugh multiple time in this one. When it comes to these spies taking out clones videos it’s normally a 50/50 chance that the spy gets taken down herself in the end, this one made you think for a second that Agent Velvets might have gotten a little too confident in herself, only to have the a secret plan the whole time. I really liked how that ending worked out. Now, I may not being the biggest bodysuit fan, but I find it hard to complain about this sparkly, skin tight suit and high heeled boots combo. In fact not really anything to complain about at all in this one, if you like sexy clones being taken out by a sexy machine gun toting spy, then you have no reason not to check this one out yourself.

Overall Score: 9.5/10