Review of Keri Spectrum Destroyed by Darrius

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Review of Hit the MatKeri Spectrum Destroyed by Darrius – 22 Mins

At long last Keri Spectrum comes to HTM! A completely one sided beatdown where Darrius knocks the topless Keri around the ring and down over and over again. Darrius even lets her have free shots, but to no avail. Keri is completely destroyed.  Keri fans, don’t miss this one!

Those of you that pay attention to my social medias or my forum here, you know I have been begging for this and another Keri vid to be released by HTM. Well, I finally got this one and man I wish I had it sooner. Keri Spectrum in a completely one side topless boxing vid vs Darrius. It’s super rare to even see Keri in a topless anything vid. And we haven’t had Darrius in a non POV male dom boxing vid in who’s knows how long, so this one is quite special and I didn’t even talk about the match yet. The match really pushes this one over the top, as Keri gets dazed from a totally fair and legit surprise opening punch and spends the rest of the match dazed and confused. Keri stumbles all over the ring in great fashion and hits the mat over and over again, most of the time managing to get back to her feet on her own, but Darrius is more the willing to help her back up she needs a hand. Keri’s eyes are rolling all over the place as her head snaps from side to side and her body spins from countless haymakers. Eventually she goes down for good, with a few added punches for good measure. Keri’s excellent selling makes this vid an instant classic, in my opinion, great dazed reactions, a little bit of trash talking and more knockdowns then I’d want to count. As the description says, Keri fans and really silly one sided boxing fans, you don’t want to miss this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10

Keri Spectrum herself requested that my pictures and GIF were censored, if you want to see the non-blurry, non-black-boxed version, you’re going to have to buy the clip.