Review of Kayla VS The Invisible

Review of Kayla Obey Kayla VS The Invisible – 8 mins

Round 1- Kayla quickly explains the rules, saying this is a 3 round fight, each round can only end with a KO. Kayla squares up against her opponent. She can see her, but we can’t. The fight starts and Kayla takes a few swings then starts getting hit. She gets dazed quickly as she reels back from the powerful punches. She takes punches to the belly and face, it doesn’t take long for Kayla to look weak and dizzy. A final punch combination turns Kayla to us where we can see her eyes roll back and tongue hang out before she falls to her back, spread eagle and . Kayla twitches and her tongue still hangs out while she’s out, she slowly wakes up. She finally struggles back to her feet. Round 2- Kayla is back on her feet but is clearly still dizzy, as she’s unsteady on her feet. However, she puts her up and says she is ready. Kayla throws a few punches but they look weak and misguided. Kayla gets rocked by more punches to the face and body, getting knocked off her feet but she’s quickly back up. After a few more punches, Kayla is clearly out on her feet, her eyes are rolled back and her tongue hangs out. One more uppercut and Kayla drops to her knees then falls face first with her butt in the air. Kayla’s tongue stays out and eyes rolled back, but she’s. Her body twitches while she’s out and it takes her awhile to come to. This time it’s extremely hard for Kayla to get to her feet, she keeps falling back to the ground, but eventually makes it upright. Round 3- Kayla is totally out of it, but standing. Her eyes keep rolling back in her head as she struggles to stay on her feet. Her opponent takes advantage of Kayla being out of it, standing her in front of us, showing off how just barely conscious she is. One uppercut ends it for Kayla, her tongue hangs all the way out of her mouth, and her eyes rolling back in her head before she falls face first, flat on her belly, legs spread open. Her eyes stay rolled back and her tongue continues to hang out while she twitches. Finally her eyes close, but she continues to twitch as she’s completely.

This is another monumental moment for me as this is my first ever Kayla Obey custom. As you guys should know I have be a huge fan of Kayla for very long time and I have also wanted to get a custom from her and her do some over the top selling. I made this script pretty simple, because I know that Kayla does everything one her own. I made the focus of this vid all about my favorite things I’ve seen from Kayla, some punch drunkenness, sexy KO positions, and Kayla struggling back to her feet, of course with a bunch of over the top stuff mixed in. Of course, Kayla absolutely nails this custom, delivering an outstanding performance that is almost exactly as I pictured and is just about the script to a T. The only thing missing is some really good close ups that show just how perfectly Kayla’s reactions were. Kayla did tell me that she did take some, but didn’t like how they looked so they got cut out and I have to take her word for that and assume they weren’t up to par and might have actually done more bad then good. I am truly impressed by Kayla’s selling her, I love just how close this was to my script and this has really met my expectations perfectly. Of course I can’t wait to get another custom from Kayla, that will probably be very similar, because this just wasn’t enough and I want so much more action like this. Any of Kayla’s KO fans, any over to top KO fans, and all those that know my style of video need to add this short but sweet gem to their collections.

Overall Score: 10/10