Review of Kayla VS The Champ

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Review of Kayla ObeyKayla VS The Champ – 14 mins

Looking a little nervous, Kayla explains that she has been randomly selected to take on the current female boxing champion, as the girl who was supposed to take her on was injured in training. Although she’s excited for the opportunity, she’s also worried as the champion is an extremely good fighter, has been champ for quite awhile, and likes to humiliate the opponents who don’t provide a good enough challenge for her. Kayla isn’t too sure she can beat her but she knows that if she puts up a good fight it will be great for her career. — The match begins and Kayla’s got her game face on now. She puts up her dukes and steps up to the champ, but before Kayla has had a chance to even size up her opponent, she’s hit with two body blows and two jabs to the face really quick. Kayla goes down but she’s more surprised than hurt. She looks a little concerned as she stands back up, shakes off some nerves, and gets ready to go again. She steps up a little more carefully, but again her opponent is lightning fast, hitting her with another punch to the gut followed by an uppercut. Kayla stumbles but stays on her feet. She steadies herself and goes in for more, this time catching a right and left hook followed by another uppercut, which sends her to the mats again. She definitely felt that one as she lets the count go on a bit longer before getting back to her feet. Trying to psyche herself up she says “Is that all you got?” puts her hands up and goes in again. She takes a few more punches before falling back down. Kayla is knocked down several more times, the damage piling up as she gets slower and slower to get to her feet. It’s clear she’s exhausted and growing less aware of her surroundings, but she’s still able to beat the ten count. This continues and the opponent is just wiping the floor with Kayla as she struggles to stay on her feet, she won’t give up though. Each knockdown looks devastating, with Kayla eventually only twitching while hitting the mat, before barely making it up. Kayla tries to trash talk her opponent but only manages to slur her speech. The champ is loving this and takes advantage to humiliate Kayla as she’s out on the ground. First she unties her bikini top while she lays completely out of it. When Kayla struggles back to her feet she is so out of it she doesn’t even realizes her top has slipped off. The next time Kayla goes down the champ does it with her bikini bottoms as well. Kayla is completely clueless to her wardrobe malfunctions. She stands naked, on wobbly legs, arms limp at her sides, just a human punching bag for her opponent. The champ is happy to play this game with Kayla so long as she can get back on her feet. Unfortunately for her, the game does come to an end. Kayla’s body clearly can’t take any more and gives out on her. She collapses back to the floor after one final weak attempt to get back up, where she stays down, twitching. The champ wants to humiliate Kayla more so she poses her limp body. She poses her face down ass up, face down arms and legs spreadeagle, and then flips her onto her back once more with her arms and legs spread and lets the ref count her out. The champ is finally done with Kayla and leaves her to be a twitching mess on the floor.

I feel terrible that it has taken me so long to review this video, as reviewing my customs is my favorite things to do. On the brighter side, this does mean I get to review is video past the “honeymoon” phase as I’ve seen this video a good number of times before writing this. The first thing I think is worth mentioning is, this video is a lot like the “Strip Boxing” video, a sequel of sorts, but this time more focused on Kayla struggling to her feet just in time to beat the count. I did get some complaints about that Strip Boxing video, saying that even though it was a strip boxing match, “you couldn’t see anything”, because of the positions Kayla was in at the end. Well, I am sure I won’t be hearing any of that this time, as Kayla falls spread eagle several times and her outstanding body is on full display. I thought it would be a cool thing to have the POV talk back to Kayla and I still think the idea is good, but with Kayla being, that voice, the ref and herself, it sounds a bit off. I think it could be great with some different voice mixed in and I may try to figure out a way to do that in the future. As for the vid, Kayla again does an amazing job selling this one, just knowing want I want to see and giving me plenty of it. Even though I think my other custom, “Going Out” was more interesting and creative, I find myself watching this one more. I do love POV boxing matches and this video is just incredibly sexy. I think it’s really just Kayla being amazing and always finding a way to make our fantasies come true.

Overall Score: 10/10