Review of Kayla & The White Cloth

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Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamKayla & The White Cloth – 13 Mins

kedKayla knocked out and carried. -Chloro knockouts -eye rolling and super white eye check -lots of limp play -lots of ragdolling -lots of cradle carrying -neck exposure -foot exposure & dangling sandals

When I really start missing Kayla I go through her store and look for good vids I’ve missed. This time I came up with this one. A very nice clip done in Kayla’s simplistic style that she’s mastered. There a nice chloro, although she’s facing away from the camera for that KO. But that’s made up for with probably the best eye check I’ve seen from Kayla, with amazing full white eyes. Then there’s some limp play, carrying and an easy way to remove flip flops. There’s a second extended KO with some nice struggling and Kayla’s facing the camera this time and she reactions a great. It’s all topped off with a little more limp play and some more carrying. This is the simple but so well done videos that made me love Kayla and if you’re like me and missed this one or miss Kayla, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Overall Score: 9/10