Review of Kayla gets K-O’d

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Review of Kayla ObeyKayla gets K-O’d – 9 mins

Do you like seeing lots of K-O’s? Do you like scrunching toes and soles? You can’t go wrong with this one! Kayla gets entranced by a swirling spiral and now believes she’s getting K-O’d but it’s all in her head. She gets hit by an imaginary punch to the face that sends her flying backwards over the couch, her nude flats tossed right off her feet. We get some beautiful shots of her limp body as she snores softly, bare soles and ass in the air. At one point she pinches her own neck and moans “Ohh ya” before her eyes roll back and her purple painted toes scrunch. Another, her hand comes up against her free will and smothers her nose and mouth. At one point, she’s even dragged away, struggling as her feet wiggle to no avail and you hear a bang as her feet go limp and then spazz out….her body dragged away. Lots of eye crossing and rolling and some tongue sticking out with tons of sole, feet, and ass shots. This clip is both sexy and silly.

Kayla has released another interesting video, one that mixed a little foot fetish, and silly KOs. This time Kayla is hypnotized by her phone into believing she’s getting KO’s by an invisible force. What follows is some great KOs, and KO positions, that are sold overall in a silly manner, so Kayla says and does some pretty silly things, all ends up being pretty good for a laugh. There is also something about the way Kayla says and does her silly things that make the whole video sexier. I can’t explain it, it’s just one of the really great things about Kayla. She also does some nice struggling for a lot of the KOs, whether against herself, attacking herself or her invisible attacker. Most of the struggling consists of her bending and flexing her feet and toes. I’m not that into feet, but I do think Kayla has nice feet, so you guys that are more into feet should love that part. I am all about the silly KOs and KO positions. Kayla just know how to nail it every time and that’s why I love her so much.

Overall Score: 9.5/10