Review of Kathy Owens vs Sumiko

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Review of Women’s Mat WrestlingKathy Owens vs Sumiko – 10 mins

Kathy Owens just LOVES taking apart Asians, and in particular poor Sumiko! She has met her many many times over the years in different places, and in two previous WMW matchups in particular “Barefoot Beatdown” and “Wounded Prey”, she has absolutely destroyed her! Here in “Asian Destruction, she does it again, beating her ass all over the ring and eventually KO’ing her! Sumiko is gonna be feeling the effects of this one for quite some time! The beating begins with a double axe handle to Sumiko’s back from behind while she is posing in the ring, and never lets up for a moment after that! There’s a few occasions where Kathy uses her weight and ring expertise to hurt the petite Asian, dropping elbows and legs on her, delivering a body splash, body slamming her, applying a sleeper hold, and using a few dirty tactics in the form of a raking of the eyes, standing on her hair and choking her with the point of her elbow, but the great majority of the punishment she dishes out consists of punches, chops and stomps, completely wearing Sumiko out with them! By the end of this 10 minute assault, Sumiko is BEGGING for it to be over! She simply cannot take any more of this torture! Being a “caring” soul, Kathy takes pity on her at this point, putting Sumiko out of her misery with a heart punch that knocks her out. She’s had enough fun for one day, she can always beat her up again another time! Very thorough beatdown delivered by Kathy here, and surely not the last she delivers on Sumiko!

Kathy Owens vs Sumiko, we’ve seen this match almost as many times as we’ve seen our favorite Asian jobber go up against the SKW champ, Sapphire and yet still I look forward to Sumiko facing them every time, or at least every time that Sumiko gets absolutely destroyed. And lucky for me this is another one of those “absolutely destroyed” situations. It starts with a sneak attack and ends with a heart punch and never ever does Sumiko stand a chance. I love it. However there is one aching problem with this vid and that is the camera work, or lack thereof. I not sure why the camera man stays in the corner like he/she is tied to it, but it definitely something that need to be addressed, because it hurts the overall quality of the vid. If you’re lucky enough to have someone holding the camera, don’t have them do their best tripod impersonation, move around at try to say close to the action, even if they’re not the best at that, I can tell you it would be better than staying in the corner like they do here. So, address the camera work situation and vids like this would be total smashes, because Kathy does what she does best and that’s beating the crap out of Sumiko, and of course Sumiko knows how to sell it, being one of the best jobbers in the business. Just the camera staying that far away the whole time isn’t fair to Sumiko and Kathy for how much effort they put into this squash match.

Overall Score: 8.5/10