Review of Kat Takes Charlie to School

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKat Takes Charlie to School – 11.5 Mins

charlieWhat is intended to be a friendly training session between Kat and Charlie turns into an ambush as young Charlie tries to trick Kat. What follows is a sustained beat down by Kat on the very apologetic rookie! The video begins with Charlie asking Kat to show her how to apply a figure four leg lock but when she has Kat in the hold she suddenly cranks on the pressure. Kat manages to escape and goes on the attack with a body scissors, an abdominal stretch, a torture rack, a VERY impressive ceiling hold, and finally a tight figure four leg lock. Poor Charlie ends up crying on the mat as Kat takes her victory pose.

Another vid with the brand new Charlie from FWR. I am really enjoying this cute little jobber, she’s got the right size and look to be dominated by everyone (wishful thinking). Kat does just that as Charlie tries to get the best of Kat with a surprise attack, but it blows up in Charlie’s face very quickly. Kat runs Charlie through a pretty normal submissions only match. We get a good number of holds, Charlie sells it all pretty well and both ladies look great. There’s nothing too outstanding about this one, I like everything about it, but this one is pretty standard. I still enjoyed the vid and I’m still really looking forward for more from the cute and tiny Charlie.

Overall Score: 8/10