Review of KARLY’S TALE

Review of Sensually SavageKARLY’S TALE – 25 mins

Karly stands before you in the bedroom dressed in a fluffy blue bathrobe, white boots and kneepads, with mats placed on the floor below her. She’s brought you here to tell you something so you can things to the next level in your relationship.  She likes being dominated and knocked out, and she wants to tell you the story of why. She strips down to her bikini and confesses that she used to be a pro wrestler.  When she was in school learning to wrestle, there was this girl who was too man-ish for Karly’s tastes and that Karly had made the mistake of running her mouth about it. This girl apparently got wind of Karly’s mouthing off and confronted her, calling her a “jobber”. This girl being twice Karly’s size, she had tried to run, but the girl grabbed her by the hair Karly acts out the tale as she shows you how the girl threw an arm around her neck, how terrified she was as she was struggling for breath, how woozy she was getting as the blood supply to her brain was cut off, and how she realized that she was getting turned on. She gets more and more breathless as she describes sinking to the floor, how her eyes rolled back in her head as she was going out, choking as she was unable to breathe, almost passed out , how she flailed around as she was rag-dolled, and how she just crashed to the ground as she was dropped She lies with her ass high in the air as you stroke her face.  Suddenly she’s describing being yanked onto her feet then thrown into a wall, doubling over and gasping as she punches herself, describing how the girl was battering her belly, and how she liked getting beat up. Karly hammers her own belly over and over and over, then mimes being thrown away from the wall, being punched in the belly again and again, being flung into the wall and absorbing running knee lifts, then collapsing sprawled on the mat. She then arches back as she describes being yanked back before slamming forward into the mat face first, arching and slamming over and over, getting woozier as her head impacts again and again until at last she fades out, laying face down. The tale continues as Karly describes being slapped, bouncing as she was being temple pressed, twitching as she passed out, arching and gasping as she absorbed belly splashes, rocking as she was bashed in the head with a chair until the force finally dropped her to the mat, hooking her leg for a ten0count pin, how she spent a day unconscious and how she was humiliated in her class, and how it was a turn on to be humiliated like that.  She hopes you understand what she wants, and with a grip around your throat, you let her know that you do.

I almost let this one slip passed me, but this is another one of the solo “tales” videos from SSP that I have really enjoyed from the like of Coco, Sumiko, Misty Lovelace and so on. This time we have one from Karly Salinas, who I’ve been impressed with since she first visited SKW. That trend continues here as Karly tells her tale in quite a wonderful fashion. This story starts out simple enough, a nice tale about a beatdown, that Karly is acting out as she explains it of course. Than about halfway through things quickly get turned up to a new level as Karl’s tale suddenly becomes quite an OTT performance. For me of course, this turned this from a good video to a great video as Karly was just really going in on her OTT reactions. I think it’s safe to say that this is the most OTT I’ve seen from her and she totally killed it. Not to mention how great she looked in the thong bikini and with the boots and knee pads too, I was totally loving it. So turns out it was definitely a good move for me to step back and check this on out as I am now even more in love with Karly than before and SSP has made sure the next time I see “(enter name here)’s tale” I won’t be waiting around to check it out.

Overall score: 9.5/10