Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldKARLIE MONTANA vs VELVETS – 26 mins

All the way from California, the incredible Karlie Montana makes her SKW debut against the beautiful and deadly Jacquelyn Velvets and folks, are you in for a treat with this match.  It’s going to take a ten count pin to end it, no submissions ….and no mercy!  The energy and animosity between these two is palpable! Our newcomer, looking drop dead gorgeous in a shiny red bikini, is already waiting for her match to start and seems a little irritated that SKW’s own Ms. Velvets isn’t there. Karlie even has the nerve to talk some trash and suggest that maybe Jacquelyn is scared of her.  Karlie is so sure of herself that she never sees Jacquelyn, beyond gorgeous herself in a gold metallic bikini, sneak up on her and clamp on a sleeper hold! But Karlie is no push over folks and she quickly elbows her way out of the sleeper and applies one of her own! Poor Jacquelyn fades quickly and is out before you know it, making it seem like maybe Karlie was right to be so confident.  Karlie show’s Jacquelyn just how tough those west coast girls can be, putting the blonde out yet again with a powerful Inverted head scissors and a humiliating Reverse Figure Four head scissors.  When her attempt at a matchbook pin only gets an 8 count she punishes Jacquelyn with a brutal Camel Clutch and then another Sleeperhold!  Karlie is living up to her reputation and goes for another pin to finish her off. But this KO Queen is no slouch herself and after kicking out of Karlie’s attempt, Jacquelyn shows just why she is one of the most dangerous ladies at SKW.  She puts the red head through a BEATDOWN of epic proportions!  She repeatedly knocks Karlie out with a variety of tactics but even after she has the California Girl out cold and limp, she continually refuses to go for the pin in order to dish out more punishment, both physical and verbal.  By the time Jacquelyn is growing bored with her, Karlie has been reduced to little more than a ragdoll.   Displaying a mean streak we’ve never seen from her before, the devious blonde resorts to using a foreign object to choke Karlie into unconsciousness before gaining an easy ten count pin.  Planting her knee on the defeated California girl’s belly, she strikes a victory pose and we are left to wonder if Karlie will ever agree to return to SKW after such domination! Our Winner:  Jacquelyn Velvets!

This video may not be my favorite of the update content wise, but it stars Karlie Montana, a woman that only hoped would one day work for SKW and that dream comes through in this video, automatically making it my favorite overall vid of this update. I have known of Karlie and loved her for a very long time, well before she ever worked for XCW, which I hope she someday returns to as well. So if you don’t know who she is, you need to grab this one because she should be known and loved by all. Of course, I am beyond delighted to finally see her in SKW and even though they had to travel to Cali in order to work with her, but that’s totally worth it. I’m really happy that they didn’t have to shoot in a hotel room either, luckily SK and Jackie have some friends out there that have the space and mats to shoot with so we get the best action possible. I like that Karlie get a little time in control, letting us get a little bit of Jacquelyn playing the jobber, which is always great to see. Karlie is a great heel, she got the perfect attitude for it, but I was really love watching her lose and I’m glad she did. Jacquelyn does a bunch of great moves that show of Karlie great selling skills, even a little bit of some over the top reactions, a bit of tongue protrusion and some light twitching that lasts from the rope choke out, through the sexy leg hook pin, until the video fades to black. I also have to mention just how great both Jackie and Karlie look in those shiny bikinis. I love they are getting used a lot, all the girls look amazing in them. This was one of two videos, I believe they shot with Karlie and I am glad to say Karlie definitely didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to see how she does when she takes on The Kid and maybe one day we can get her to Atlanta to meet Tiny. SK made this dream come true for me, maybe he can take it one step further.

Overall Score: 9.9/10