Review of Karine Waitress KO in Heels & Fishnets

Review of Feet and SleepKarine Waitress KO in Heels & Fishnets – 7 mins

Waitress Karine enters the room and gets a punch on her chin with a boxing glove. She hears little birdies and staggers around. Finally her eyes roll back and she faints backwards with her legs in the air. She is carried around and laid on a chair. The guy hits her chin and she hears birdies again. Her eyes roll around and she faints. When she wakes up she puts on the boxing gloves and tries to hit the guy. But he now has a bat and hits her head. She staggers around and faints on the ground with her legs in the air. She wakes up and throws away the boxing gloves. The guy hits her head again and she faints in his arms. She is carried around and laid down on the couch.

This is a rather old Feet and Sleep video, but I was asked to review some FAS vids with Karine and this is one of my favorites. This sleepy/limp play video is filled with silly KOs and punchouts. My biggest draw to this video is that Karine is wearing Heels and fishnets for the whole video, as often the shoes come off rather quickly and I always rather have footwear of some kind over bare feet, especially if it’s some sexy high heels like this. Then next thing I love about this one is those silly air filled gloves, not only are they fun to use against Karine and KO her with them, but when she tries them on it even sillier to see her KO’d with those massive gloves on. I also love the KO positions we get in this vid, a couple of really good spread eagle KO and Karine laid out in a chair and on the couch. It’s a short and sweet vids that has great silly reactions and KOs. It’s too bad that Karine is long gone as I could only imagine how great she would be today. I have got a bunch of silly, high heeled, boxing vids from Karine as she done a series of vids like this. I’ll be reviewing them from time to time. They’re all short and inexpensive vids, so don’t be afraid to check them out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10