Review of Kara Kraft

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Review of Kayla ObeyKara Kraft – 10 mins

“Kara Kraft, reporting for duty!” Kayla plays Kara Kraft, a video game character. She gets in a series of fights, each time running out of health until it’s game over. At 100% health she’s confident and cocky. With each successive hit, she gets weaker and weaker until, clutching her breast, she falls to her knees and then down to the ground, eyes glazed. Each shot she takes is to the chest. She starts off in a string bikini and skimpy shorts. This becomes just a bikini after a few battle scenes. The final few scenes she is execu**ed in her lacy bra and panties, her hands tied behind her back with rope.

Another fun and simple gun fun/spy demise type video from them amazing Kayla Obey. This one is really simple, she is a game character that just gunned down repeatedly. Each scene ends with Kayla “dead” on the floor after taking a few shots. I love her reactions and love that she ends up in different positions every time. I would have loved to have some gunshot sound effects like some of her videos from back in the day and I would have liked to see her take shots to other parts of her body, other than her chest. I do love the idea behind this video, I love how great this vid still is because Kayla can just sell it and I also love the glazed over death stares at the end of each scene. This is just another example of what Kayla does best, which is taking simple idea and making them into great, entertaining videos.

Overall Score: 9/10