Review of Kara Kraft 2

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Review of Kayla ObeyKara Kraft 2 – 12 mins

Kara Kraft is back and ready to show these men how a real woman fights. 15 scenes of Kara Kraft getting hit in the chest and taken out. She starts off each time confident and cocky but after grows panicky. Sometimes she strips down to tease you and hopes to throw off her attackers. Sometimes she’s forced to strip down. Lots of playful banter!

Call it what you want to call it, this is still the fan favorite thing the Kayla Obey fans love to see and that is Kayla getting gunned down. Kara Kraft is like a cockier version of Kayla, but that cockiness doesn’t buy her any luck as she does down just the same. The scenes are great and the poses are excellent as always, but the real selling point of this one is a fully naked Kayla, performing these scenes. It’s been a long time since us fans of this genre have had the full nudity option for Kayla and I’ll tell you it is great to see. The stripping scenes are a fantastic idea and really make this video even sexier. Whether by force, or her own accord, watching Kayla strip her clothes off is an excellent addition to this video. So to put it simply, Kayla getting gunned down, minus any clothing at all, equals a vid we all need to see.

Overall Score: 9.9/10