Review of June Gets Poison

Review of DefeatedJune Gets Poison – 15.5 mins

Defeated has a new member to add to our roster, she is 6 foot 7 inches tall and we call her… Poison. We feel like she is going to make quite the impact here. So for starters, we put her against our other newest roster member, June. June is already feeling like she’s proven herself to be one of the better Defeated girls, including herself along with Elizabeth and Stella, when asking if the stories of Poison’s dominance are true. June isn’t convinced, throwing a punch that Poison easily catches and answers back by grabbing June’s face with one hand and throwing her to the ground. June quickly gets back up and is met with a knee to the belly that knocks all the wind out of her. As she gaps for air Poison kicks her in the face. June is almost out cold and already twitching, but Poison is just getting started. A few stomps to the belly have June gasping for air yet again. A quick cradle carry turn into a bearhug as June slowly goes limp. Poison is disappointed that June is out cold already, as she definitely wants more action, but June is done, no more than a twitchy ragdoll for Poison to play with and play is exactly what Poison does. She puts June through several submission holds where the only reaction we get from June is twitching, eye rolling, tongue protrusion and few moans and groans in pain. All the over the top stuff you love to see from a beaten down ragdoll. After Poison has had all the playtime she could want, a final neck snap puts a stop to all that twitching and moaning as Poison leaves June still in the middle of our mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and man, Defeated has found themselves a real game changer and they introduce her in the best possible way too. The newest roster member for Defeated is Poison and she is apparently 6’7, which is only two inches shorter then Tiny, and 6 inches taller the Takaiji, just as a size reference for you guys. And the first person Defeated’s new monster heel gets to face is their other newest girl June. June who is actually taller than most of the girls at Defeated, is a full foot shorter then Poison. And of course Poison absolutely crushes June, not only just dominating her, but turning her in to a twitchy ragdoll. You guys know I just love twitchy ragdolls. This was great for two reasons, one, June sold the hell out of this vid, she’s new and has been winning the matches that I have seen with her, for the most part and I didn’t know what kind of jobber she would be, but now I know that she’s excellent and is going to be an outstanding addition to the Defeated roster. And reason number two, for Poison, of course being 6’7 I want to see her dominate and just show that she’s strong enough to lift and carry other girls and she does just that with June and makes it look easy, which opens up some new possibility options for Defeated. Not only that, but Poison is also beautiful, which mean I wouldn’t mind seeing her on the losing side either. Could you imagine something ridiculous where Lilith or Stella somehow figure out a way to dominate Poison? I know smaller girls beating bigger girls is popular thing and most of the time I don’t like those vids, but I think with Poison it would be cool to see. So I agree, I think Poison is going to make quite the impact at Defeated and June has already found out how bad it could be. I greatly look forward to seeing other girls getting Poisoned and maybe even Poison herself suffering a terrible defeat.  

Overall Score: 9.9/10