Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldJOSIE’S STRENGTH – 29 Mins

Pro wrestler Josie stars in not one but TWO all-out squash matches!!! Anne-Marie and Sumiko are absolutely outstanding as the hapless jobbers tossed onto the mats with the powerful and ferocious Josie!  Match # 1 features Sumiko and Josie in a submissions re-match that ends with a brutal (and near merciful) KO, while match # 2 shows us just how bad things can get for a rookie like Anne-Marie when pitted against a skilled pro!!!

Arguably two of the best jobbers at SKW going up against one tough pro wrestling heel in two separate videos. What’s not to love about that? Well, Anne-Marie’s videos totally steals the show. in my opinion, it’s jam packed with KOs, Anne-Marie looks awesome in her red one point and matching boots, she doesn’t stand a chance, although she gets the opening attack, which was quickly reversed and Josie shows Anne no mercy. It’s an outstanding pro style squash, the kind of video that made us all love Anne-Marie for her phenomenal jobbing skills. Nothing too over the top, just a little bit of twitching and a lot of domination. Sumiko’s match is also incredibly one sided, but her’s is all submission based without a KO in sight. Still get all that exciting Sumiko selling we love and there’s a lot over very painful looking holds, but Anne-Marie KO filled squash vid is the best of these two by a mile.

Overall score: 9.5/10