Review of Sleeperkid’s World JESSIE BELLE vs THE INVISIBLE – 17 Mins

JessieWe fade in on the beautiful and powerful Jessie Belle as she awaits The Machine for her match.  She paces and stretches, unaware that The Machine is ALREADY in the room, having taken a special invisibility potion minutes earlier!   He attacks, grabbing Jessie by the hair and throwing her into the wall… laughing as he delivers one of the very BEST invisible beatdowns SKW has yet to…um…see (??). Jessie delivers one hell of a KO performance here, guys… elevating this series to a whole new level!

This video only solidifies that Jessie Belle is one of, if not the best visiting performer. She is absolutely incredible in the video, really selling it and making it easily believable that she’s under attack by an invisible opponent. Jessie give us plenty of top notch reactions, although nothing over the top. We do get a whole bunch of KOs, a little steel chair action, plenty of pins, even a great matchbook pin and with The Machine delivering the destruction, we also get him calling out all the action, leaving Jessie free to sell her ass off. These invisible heel matches are really getting popular and very very good. You’ve seen FWR do some awesome ones, SKW keeps them coming and I’ve been loving them all. This one’s definitely one of the best, but with Sumiko & Cynder’s and Becca’s, I don’t think I can honestly call this the best. You definitely don’t want to miss out on it though, easily a must own, that I can say for sure.

Overall score: 9.9/10


4 comments on “Review of JESSIE BELLE vs THE INVISIBLE
  1. Profile photo of Tiff Tiff says:

    Will you do the review about Bad Sam’s beating boxing pov from hit the mat?

  2. Profile photo of Kelon Taro Kelon Taro says:

    This was a custom I commissioned, SKW and Jessie did a great job on it. The only thing that would have given it a ten in my book would have been shiny pantyhose. But it came out awesome anyways.

    Fyi, just became a user on this site. Great job on all the reviews. Really use them as a guide.

    • 1st of all, welcome and thank you, I’m glad you find my site useful in any way. Next, thank you again for ordering this custom, very good script and outfit. I know you wanted the shiny tights, but i was OK with those and hopefully you’ll get them in the (hopefully) next custom you order. The only thing that kept this from a 10 is a little twitching or drooling or something over the top. But loved the clip either way.

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