Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldJESSICA NOVA’S NEW TOY – 25 Mins

MonroeWe fade in a frustrated Jessica Nova as she rants on the phone.  Turns out her wrestling partner / practice dummy refuses to show up for their session.  As Nova angrily hangs up the phone, the lovely Monroe walks into the yard.  Turns out SK hired her to do some yardwork so she asks Jessica where the shed is.  As Jessica directs her a smile spreads across her face.  She stalks the youngster and attacks, nailing some brutal face and belly punches… and a sleeper hold that takes her down and out.  Nova then proceeds to carry the unconscious girl over her shoulder and we fade into the mat room, where she’s changed Monroe into the “perfect” jobber pro outfit, with Jessica decked out in black. What follows is a completely one-sided “practice session”, with Jessica Nova completely destroying the terrified Monroe!!!

It is absolutely official now, I love Monroe, as she again delivers an outstanding performance in this near ragdoll video. I say near ragdoll because Monroe was just about out cold for the majority of the video, just able to react to the moves as they impact. Great reactions too, lots of big eye crossing, lots of butt in air KOs, a little twitching/tongue protrusion, a great spit take and a drooling finale. She’s really great in the intro as well, a set up that I never would have come up with, but works really well, with Monroe being really cute, shy and nervous. On the other side of things I really loved Jessica as well, playing the heel, who’s not really mean, but definitely only cared about working on her skills and not one bit about Monroe’s wellbeing, worked great, Jessica nailed it. It’s also just great to have Jessica back at SKW, been too long since she was last there. The outfits were another great thing, Jessica’s badass in all black and Monroe in the cute pink with the thong back, boots and knee pads, looked phenomenal. Again, if you haven’t seen Monroe in action, you really need to open your eyes and get a loud of her, she’s only going to get better and better.

Overall Score: 9.9/10