Review of Jenny’s Mistake

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJenny’s Mistake – 9 Mins

jennyYour name is Frank and Jenny plans to destroy you in the boxing ring! At the sound of the bell, the tough beauty punches the crap outta you, knocking you down with her intense punches. You manage to beat the count but as soon as you’re on your feet Jenny is punching you out again! But Jenny makes one BIG mistake! She grows bored of beating you so easily and lets you have a free punch. Your uppercut causes her to hear birdies and she drops to the mat. She manages to get back to her feet only to spend the remainder of the match getting destroyed by your face and belly punches! You drop her several times and she staggers back to her feet only to receive more punishment! In the end, you trap her in the corner and punch her out. You finally bop her on top of the head and she drops to a sitting position, clearly dazed and nearly unconscious. The 10 count is made and you win the match! But you’re not happy that she’s still conscious so you remove your boxing gloves and give her a neck pinch that definitely finishes the job! We know you’ll enjoy beating up Jenny!

Some more great POV action from FWR, this time it’s Jenny in a jobber role. For her size and strength, she plays the jobber a little more than you would imagine, she’s literally 50/50 when it comes to playing the jobber or the heel. I guess it’s because she fits well into both roles. As I like it, Jenny starts out in control, but soon makes the mistake of giving you a free punch. That punch turns the whole match around and now Jenny is always pretty punch drunk and spends most of the match picking herself up off the mats. I really like the amount of knockdowns in this one, as the struggle to beat the count and the ease of being knocked down are two of my favorite features for any boxing match. Jenny’s selling is pretty good, and kind of silly at times. The final KO almost had me complaining, because it wasn’t a total KO, but the neck pinch fixed that issue, quickly. Overall it’s a really good job by Jenny and another nice POV for the collection.

Overall Score: 8.5/10