Review of Jenny, the Jobber Champ

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJenny, the Jobber Champ – 16 Mins

beccaWe join Jenny on the couch where she’s shown two wrestling belts, the jobber championship belt and the wrestling championship belt. She’s told that all she needs to do is win one pin fall before her opponent knocks her out 8 times. If she loses, she’ll forever be known as the jobber champion! Enter cute, bubbly Becca who sits next to Jenny and quickly knocks her out with a nerve pinch to the neck. Score one for Becca. What follows is an eye rolling, birdie tweeting, cuckoo clock chiming, star seeing knockout fest! Becca giggles throughout the domination as she scores knockouts with a black jack, a dodged body splash where Jenny smashes her head into the turnbuckle, a KO bronco buster, a bop to the head with a big toy mallet, a bear hug, a front head scissor, and some boxing punches followed by a mounted sleeper hold. Becca, the winner, places the Jobber Champ belt on the unconscious Jenny to take the win and the championship belt!

To Rick, Jenny and the person who ordered this video, don’t be too mad at me when I say how much better this video could have been if the roles were reversed. I love so much about this video, the jobber title belt, all the silly KOs, the variation of KOs, all are absolutely outstanding ideas and well executed. But when it comes to jobbing there’s not many better then Becca, on the planet. Not saying Jenny did badly at selling this, because she actually did awesome, but I just can’t help but think, imagine Becca selling these KOs. I feel if she did this would easy been one of the best FWR video ever. But enough of that. You guys really need to check this video out, not only is the idea of a jobber champion phenomenal, but Jenny really does make a great jobber. Becca is amazing in role too as she prances around being super cute and cocky and again I love all the KOs, the variations, especially the boxing segment and the toy hammer “surprise” KO. So, even though Becca will always be my Jobber champion, Jenny can definitely bring it as well.

Overall Score: 9/10