Review of Jennifer vs Rusty

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Review of Hit the MatJennifer vs Rusty – 20 Mins

Jen TomJennifer Thomas challenges Rusty to a fight, looking to get some revenge for a friend he beat up. Unfortunately for Jen, she’s never faced boxer anywhere near on Rusty’s level and it’s clear when she can barely land a punch. At the start of Round 3, Rusty invites Jennifer to pound away at his body, to no effect. Jennifer is slowly toyed with, picked apart and dominated over the course of 5 very punishing rounds until she is knocked out!

It’s almost weird to see Jennifer Thomas dominated like this, I’ve known Jennifer for a long time and I can safely say the amount of time I’ve seen her lose, much less dominated is few to none. So this has got to be one for the history books, as Jennifer never stood a chance vs Rusty. Also like all the other girls before her, there looks to be some real nervousness as Rusty’s punches come fast and sometimes by the dozen. I love just how one sided the matches with Rusty are. I love how well Jennifer did selling a lot of the big punches, giving us great reactions, spinning away from the punches and getting knocked down a lot before the final KO where she was out cold, but after to 10 count she struggles back to her feet, only to crumble back to the mats. I truly do love when that happens. So, another great defeat here at the hands of Rusty and I think the rarity of seeing Jennifer Thomas completely dominated like this is reason enough to check this one out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


  • I couldn’t agree more! Usually the sexy Ms Thomas dominates her opponents, male and female, but here she sells a fabulous defeat to lucky guy Rusty! Jen looks incredible as she is knocked to the canvas time and time again, and sexier than ever. Ive seen a few clips of this awesome match and the action is incredibly realistic and Rustys body punches really seem to tear into Jens sexy body and the head shots look great too.

    • yup and that look of fear, is very convincing, might be a little real fear.

  • This vid is easily one of my favorites. It’s so hot to see the girls in the industry, especially a known powerhouse like Jennifer, go up against a guy who looks like a legit fighter and just not stand a chance. The boxing action itself is pretty different from the norm too, blending realism and theatrics. Like watching a gritty fight scene from a movie where the hero/heroine is hopelessly beaten up to establish the villain. You can just feel the tension.