Review of Jenni Barefoot POV Boxing

Review of FEET AND SLEEP Jenni Barefoot POV Boxing – 13 mins

Jenni does some boxing workout and the first punch to her chin sends her to dreamland. Although she can hit her opponent she is koed 14 times.

Feet and Sleep is a production that doesn’t get nearly enough love from me, and that’s mostly because I’m personally not as into bare feet as the people this production is intended for, that being said, FAS has been around forever and has been making some very good vids. So I dug through their store and found a vid that suits me, just so I can give them a well-deserved review. It didn’t take me long to find a silly boxing vid staring a girl I knew, Jenni Czech. The concept of the vid is simple, Jenni gets easily punched out repeatedly, giving us great silly reactions, like spinning in circles, smiling and giggling, as well as seeing stars and birdies before flopping over into the couch or floor for some limp play mostly focused on her feet. The silly boxing action is obviously my favorite part, Jenni really does hams it up quite nicely and makes it fun for me to watch. There’s even one KO where she’s got her tongue sticking out a bit, which you know I loved and didn’t know was in the video, so that was a sneaky little bonus for me. I would love to see FAS do something where they go completely OTT with twitching, drooling, tongue out, the whole nine. I don’t think they’ve ever done a video even with just twitching. Of course, I want to see every production do some OTT videos and FAS does not get excluded from that wish. But I know there are a lot of bare feet fans out there and for all of you, especially those who somehow never heard of FAS, you guys need to check out Feet and Sleep. They do exactly what their name entails, lots of KOs and lots of feet action, sometimes silly like this one and sometimes not so much, but it’s a high quality product and you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Score: 9/10