Review of Jaylin’s a Knockout

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJaylin’s a Knockout – 12.5 Mins

We join a confident Becca in the dressing room where she tells us how much fun she plans on having with the rookie Jaylin. She joins the Asian cutie in the ring and at the sound of the bell they lock up in a test of strength. But Becca’s confidence is quickly lost when Jaylin proceeds to knock her out over and over again! Our poor blond succumbs to a double arm choke, a combination crippler crossface/choke hold, a front head scissors, a combination figure four leg hook around the ring post and head smashes into the bottom turnbuckle, a HUGE punch to the belly, a straight figure four head scissors, and a reverse figure four head scissors! Jaylin finally takes a nice ten count schoolgirl pin for the win! After she leaves the ring, a groggy Becca wakes up, says “What happened?”, then proceeds to fall back to the mat unconscious! This is Becca at her eye rolling best!

Another amazing FWR Becca squash video and I won’t make you wait, this one is already on my favorites list. Knowing this was going to be a Becca destruction, I loved this intro, showing off Becca’s awesome outfit and listen to her confidently run her mouth about her upcoming match. Than as the match begins and the KOs start to pile up, first her frustration grows, then she starts getting exhausted and dazed until finally Jaylin can just push Becca off her feet with a single finger. And great KOs too, not only nice moves, but good variety and execution, also add in Becca’s flawless selling, nice eyerolling and my favorite unnecessary extra KO at the end, the only thing that would make me happier with this video is if Becca did some over the top reactions. But I’ll never get tired of seeing Becca in videos like this, especially dressed like that, awesome stuff.

Overall Score: 9.9/10