Review of Janelle’s Destruction

Review of Defeated Janelle’s Destruction – 39 Mins

This is the first meeting between Janelle and Queen Elizabeth, both ladies are confident they can destroy the other. Elizabeth is so confident she allows Janelle to attack first. Unfortunately for Janelle, this free pass proves fruitless as Elizabeth just throws her down. From her on its all downhill for Janelle as The Queen easily dominates her. She even gives Janelle more opportunities to take control, but again Janelle is just knocked down, tortured and KO’d. After several KOs becomes clear that Janelle is too exhausted to fight back, but Elizabeth still wants to play. Another KO ends the night for Janelle, but Elizabeth is still unsatisfied and continues to beat on the unconscious Janelle, ragdolling her all over the place and humiliating her. After several minutes of toying with the unresponsive Janelle’s body and breasts, The Queen finally become bored with her ragdoll and leaves Janelle, beaten, exposed and unconscious.

More Defeated action for you guys and this time The Queen is back on her thrown as she completely destroys and eventually ragdolls Janelle. Again we do see a nice change in outfits from the normal bra and panties Defeated style wear. There is still very little this outfit can do about holding in Janelle’s big natural boobs and they spring free right away and even with multiple adjustments from Janelle and Elizabeth after Janelle is out cold, they’re hanging out almost the entire video. Janelle again does a fabulous job being the jobber, giving us great struggling, beautiful extended full white eyes for the KOs and being an excellent totally limp ragdoll for Elizabeth to play with. Elizabeth plays the great and vicious heel we originally got to know here as, before we found out how great of a jobber she is, talking tons of trash the whole video and really having fun dominating the helpless Janelle. As with any video with extensive ragdolling, I am completely in love with this video and I am loving the wonderful losing streak Janelle is on right now. As good as this match is, I think it would still be nice to see the roles reversed here as well. I used to love when Janelle dominated Stella and I think it would be great to see her dominate The Queen. Maybe that could be something we see happen in the future.

Overall Score: 9.9/10

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  1. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    You said in this period: “Again we do see a nice change in outfits from the normal bra and panties Defeated style wear” and I love such change. They realy should change always… But never change ftom sensuality to “unsensuality”. In this video, both are very sensual. Wonderful bodies must be exposed. I just want Elizabeth to use smaller pieces, transparencies… What about that?… She have so many nice tatoos hidden! There are fantastic artworks in her backside that she should show here. This is the kind of lingerie that she must use someday, in some fight:

  2. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    But you are so right about to reverse the roles! Janelle is too strong to be the typical “defeated damsel”. That role must be given to delicate sexy bootylicious maidens like Elizabeth… You know… “The big African predator who hunt, destroys and devours the small European white sexy prey”. And the prey gets aroused during the beating, and surrender her succulent body to the stronger girl, with pleasure, more crotch views like this one:

    Elizabeth is so wonderful from this point of view!

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