Review of Janelle vs Stella: Smother Match

Review of DefeatedJanelle vs Stella: Smother Match and Cruel Destruction – 24 Mins

DefeatedThe fight starts and both girls are really aggressive. Stella tries to block Janelle many times while Janelle tries to find a way to smother her directly, she knows she’s stronger, but she knows that Stella can always surprise her too. So, she tries to knock her out directly with foots mothers. Stella escapes and locks her in a devastating boston crab. Stella’s trash talk always on while she’s in control. Janelle gets weaker and weaker and her huge natural breasts can’t stay in their top, giving Stella easy access to her nipples. Janelle is in a ton of pain while Stella twists and bites them! Janelle finds a way out from under Stella catching her in headscissors, turning the situation in her favor again and putting her in another foot smother position. This just makes Stella angry. Stella turns the situation with a tight body scissors that devastates Janelle. Janelle is weak now and Stella can facesit her while playing with her nipples and some scissors before the ending position. Stella sits on Janelle’s arms, locks her legs under her armpits and with hand over mouth smother she sends Janelle to sleep. Stella victory poses over her, but she’s not happy with just that. She inflicts more pain to the poor senseless Janelle, with more backbrakers and a camel clutch with nipple twisting!

More Defeated action here, this time we get some back and forth action to start this one out. I have gotten a little used to seeing Janelle destroying Stella every time these two ladies battle, but as hard as Janelle tries Stella manages to get back in control and later in the match dominating then ragdolling Janelle. This is a great vid for me, as much as I love to see Stella on the losing side as much as possible, Janelle is also a great jobber. Janelle, who is always having wardrobe malfunctions, as her big natural boobs never want to stay in her top, this time they are come all the way out very early in the match and become a target for Stella, pulling and ever biting them. Once Stella gets total control we get some really painful looking holds and some sexy humiliation positions that soon lead to a knockout. Then a little bit of ragdolling just to rub in her hard fought victory. I am absolutely loving the action coming from Defeated, especially with all these ragdoll endings. This one just another to add to the growing list of very good videos from Defeated.

Overall Score: 9/10