Review of Jacquelyn vs Merry Meow: Submissions Only

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Jacquelyn vs Merry Meow: Submissions Only – 11.5 – Mins

jacTwo beautiful female wrestlers enter the ring dressed in silky robes to do battle against each other. The submissions only match is a 3 round battle that features head locks, hammerlocks, arm twists, clothesline hits, snap mares, a figure four leglock, and TONS of tight head scissors! These amazing female wrestlers go all out to destroy each other and the action is intense! In the end, one woman poses victorious over her beaten opponent!

A video with Jacquelyn Velvets and Merry Meow is a video that I just can’t skip, sub only or not. These two amazingly ladies are guaranteed to bring their best every time. The first two rounds of this one are back and forth, Merry wins the first round, but by the end of the second round Miss Velvets is in control. The third round is all Velvets as she takes complete control of the matchup. I really enjoyed the struggle between the two, the moves all look great and Merry really sells the pain of all the holds. There are no KOs, as expected, but there were a few close calls with some nice reactions. I also like that in the third round, where Jackie goes right after the bum leg of Merry which started her domination of that round and the overall win. As always, I wouldn’t mind a KO or two mixed in there, but these ladies put on a great show for us that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Overall Score: 8.5/10