Review of Jacquelyn Velvets in Sleepy KO’s

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasJacquelyn Velvets in Sleepy KO’s – 20 mins

The video starts out with agent Jacquelyn on the phone talking to her boss. Yes she has arrived at the “ko queen” house and she knows how dangerous she is. She has heard about her knocking out girls all the time and her amazing amount of toys she has, like her “nite nite stick”, “sleepy land juice” “dreamland rag” and other toys. But she tell her boss over the phone she is the best agent at the agency and no way she is getting knocked out. She is bringing her in. The phone breaks up and Jacquelyn says no matter. She finds a bottle of water on the table and says well this is just water her “juice” is red anyway. Jacquelyn takes a sip and begins to get woozy and eyes droopy. Oh no i let her get me! Bout that time Constance shows up bragging to her, i did change up my juice and its taking u off to sleep land. Jacquelyn’s eyes roll and she falls to the ground butt in the air. Constance laughing i got her too she is a weak agent.  She checks her arms and slaps her butt, checks the whites of her eyes. Yep she is done! She goes and hides and Jacquelyn comes around. She wakes up very woozy and says i cant get knocked out again. But is hardly able to stand, when Constance comes up behind her with her “nite nite stick” and whacks her over the head and Jacquelyn’s eyes and roll and Constance tell her you know what this is and Jacquelyn says “nite nite” out loud and falls down on the bed or couch as Constance laughs! I got u again. God u are the worse agent they have ever sent after me! Long shots of Jacquelyn on the couch. Constance leaves again. Jacquelyn wakes up woozy again and vows to catch Constance this time if i can keep from getting knocked out. Jacquelyn creeps from around the corner and Constance sneaks up again and used her “dremland rag” on her .. Jacquelyn’s eyes cross and she goes limp in Constance’s arm and Constance drags her down to the floor. Shot of Constance now talking to herself. I even have a knew toy for her when she wakes up. I call it the “slumber pan”  Jcquelyn comes around and walks looking to find her and bam! Right in the face and Jacquelyn’s eyes cross and she is pretty much out on her feet and Constance comes up to her and uses her finger and pushes Jacquelyn on the forehead and out she goes. Constance is so happy and looks at the limp Jacquelyn on the floor and uses a pen and writes on her forehead she says out loud man u are out and this is my calling card, as the movie fades to black with a shot of Jacquelyn rendered helpless on the floor and Constance leaves the house laughing!

This is just the video you need to see if you just love seeing Jacquelyn get KO’d over and over again. And have is done in a fun and simple way. This is like the “by the book”, if there was a book, good girl vs bad girl sleepy KO video, done to perfection. Jackie is that good girl just way too over confident and naïve, who falls into the first possible trap, no matter how obvious that trap may be. Constance is that baddy that is just steps ahead of her foe, has her whole plan come to fruition. Of course with Jackie being one of the best sleepy queens in the planet, nailing this role was second nature for her. We get tons of her amazing eye rolling with a bunch of different KO toys being used. Each of them getting their own silly little nickname, which wasn’t a bad addition. There was tons of great limp play and great shots of Miss Velvets, just snoozing away on the floor. A little humiliation, just for good measure and of course it was also nice that Jackie only had on a bikini. Definitely a wonderful sight to see, I’ll never complain about that. So, plain and simple, if you like Jacquelyn Velvets in a multi KO, eye rolling, limp play adventure, then look no further then this great Constance video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10