Review of Jacquelyn Velvets in Failed Interview

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Review of Torvea FilmsJacquelyn Velvets in Failed Interview – 23 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets applies for a job as a hired agent which has an unique hiring process at the headquarters. The interviewer makes her go limp and she awakens to find herself tied to a chair. Things are a bit groggy and she feels woozy. This is not the interview that she had in mind and she begs to be released. For fun he teases her to fight against him and wants her to fight against his domination as a test which she fails. Since she does not feel well, she lightly stomps her over the knee boots and weakly tries to free her glove clad arms. He brings her to the edge of going to rest, but prefers to torture her and keep her awake. As she pleads, he grabs a gas mask and puts it over her mouth. Those delicate blue eyes flutter and cross before fading out. Later Jackie awakens to find herself splayed, but untied in a chair. She ambles out and he has her do one more test against her will. He lifts and carries her to the agency bedroom. Jacquelyn is hogtied when she rises from her slumber and struggles to get free from her bonds. The interviewer gropes her and lets her know that she would have to go through all of this if she wanted to be an agent. They have to do the worst of the worst to see if they can handle the pressures of the job. It would be more fun to have her as his own personal play toy which involves making her get woozy before going to rest again!

More of the lovely Jacquelyn Velvets in another bad situation and again we go to Torvea Films for this one. This time agent Jacquelyn is looking for a new gig, but her interview ends up being much more than she expected. I do love the spy outfit, with the high boots, short skirt and gloves. This one wasn’t so much about just knocking Jackie out, but much more about teasing the chloro KO. This still gave me lots of that famous Velvets eye rolling. So, even thought I would have preferred more traditional chloro scenes, these work just fine for me. There also some bondage content here. The Chloro teasing continued through most of the bondage stuff, so I enjoyed that as well. I loved that Jackie’s boots stayed on the whole time. I’ve gotten pretty used to footwear being removed almost as soon as possible in most videos, so this was nice for people like me. It’s just so lovely watching Jackie being so helpless. Scott comes off perfectly, cold and merciless, just doing what has to be done and having a little fun along the way. Overall, even though KOs aren’t the main focus, this vid teases it a lot, I did get a couple of KOs and of course Jackie sell it excellently.

Overall Score: 9.5/10