Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldJACQUELYN THE JOBBER – 21 mins

AN EPIC RELEASE: FEATURING JACQUELYN VELVETS ON THE LOSING END OF TWO AMAZING MATCHES! Part one:  Jacquelyn vs Jackson After a confident interview, Jackson proceeds to DEMOLISH Jacquelyn Velvets in an old school pro match! Part two: Jacquelyn vs Lacey Jacquelyn takes on The Lovely Lacey in this best out of 7 KOs battle, and she starts off strong with a sudden chloroform attack that leaves the pro star out cold on the mats!  Jacquelyn presses her advantage vs stomps, a bearhug KO, sleeper hold KO, some ragdolling/limb checks, and another stomp.  She sets Lacey up for a running wall splash and MISSES, slamming her own skull into the wall! Velvets is now OUT, leaving a dazed Lacey to recover and attack, demolishing the blonde beauty via stomps, leg hook pin, a chloroform attack KO, hairpulling, belly punch, Lacey’s patented DDT KO, another leghook pin, hair pulling, TOMBSTONE piledriver KO, and a final classic PILEDRIVER for the pin…and win!

Now here’s a two for one special that I feel both matches are about the same as far as how much I enjoyed them. Seems most of the time with these bundles one video clearly over shadows the other, but here not so much. One video being a total squash which is always great, and the second one included some KOs from the legendary and deeply missed Lovely Lacey. So even though I love a great Velvets squash it was great to see Lacey again. Also both videos have Jacquelyn wearing boots, and I love the red on piece, and the jeans and Bikini top, so again, just about even there. Both videos have Jackie selling us great defeats with plenty of that amazing eyerolling, although only Lacey finished her off with a pair of piledrivers, Jackson finished her off in a way only Jackson really can. So still pretty even there. Just saying, there’s nothing that really makes one of these two videos that much better that the other. In my opinion, both are very good clips, so I guess it’s just another win/win.

Overall Score: 9/10