Review of Jacquelyn & Galas Limp Housemates

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Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsJacquelyn & Galas Limp Housemates – 10 mins

Galas is getting ready to go to work, and realizes that her work shirt has shrunk in the wash. When her housemate Jacquelyn comes in, Galas accuses her of shrinking it because Jackie knows that it embarrasses Galas when her belly button shows at work. Galas is not amused. She tells Jackie that she hates it when her Belly shows, and people can see her Belly Button! So, she puts Jackie in a sleeper hold! Jackie’s top rises as she struggles & her sexy stomach is exposed. Galas lets her slump in her arms as Jackie slowly fades out. She drags her limp body over the couch in a way that arches her back pushing her stomach out. As her Stomach is exposed, Galas gives her navel a little tickle, and asks her how she likes having her belly button showing! She then proceeds to swap tops with her, so that Jackie now has the bad fitting shrunken one. As Galas moves on getting ready, Jacquelyn comes to. Realizing what Galas has done, she sneaks up behind her and bonks her on the head. Galas slumps into her arms and her top rises up exposing her hot tummy. Jackie softly strokes Galas’ tummy & pokes her belly button while taunting her about hiding her sexy belly all the time. She then swaps the tops back over, and goes to finish getting ready. When Galas wakes up she is pissed! She gets a soaked rag & surprises her from behind! Galas slowly pulls her top over her head as she goes down. Galas once again carries on getting ready for work not realizing that Jacqueline had already spiked her tea! Galas’ tummy begins to feel funny, and your Stomach starts to swell a bit. She rubs and caresses it as it protrudes from under her top. She feels nauseous and light headed and says how embarrassing it would be if she fell out with her belly button showing until she falls limp on top of Jackie both bellies exposed.

The timing here is purely accidental, as I just reviewed a video from Kayla Obey that is kind of similar to this, a belly fetish vid with some KOs added in. Galas and Jacquelyn fight back and forth over who gets to have the longer shirt that covers their belly. If I was either one of them I would be fighting for the short shirt, why try and hide beautiful bellies like that? Anyway, we get nice KOs for both ladies and plenty of belly views throughout the video. Of course both Jackie and Galas do a great job selling and acting in this, as anyone would expect. I certainly like the belly fetish aspect of vids like this, but in this case it’s the belly stuff after the KOs that really did it for me. Two beautiful bellies laid out on top of each other is a pretty nice site.

Overall Score: 8.5/10