Review of Jacquelyn & Galas Limp Assassins

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Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsJacquelyn & Galas Limp Assassins – 10 mins

Jacquelyn & Galas are two assassins after each other in 12 different short “shootout” scenes

Simple description but not much more really needed to be said. Galas and Jacquelyn run around the SKW/JVF house sneak attacking and taking each other out with flashy light guns. I felt like the ladies had some fun making up ways to sneak attack each other and that makes the vid even more fun to watch. We get some great “surprise” reactions from both Galas and Jackie as they get “machine gunned”. There’s even a little bit of twitching in some scenes as well and by now I hope most of you have a clue about how much I love twitching. The outfits are great too, the yoga pants are amazing on both of these curvaceous ladies. Also a shoe is known to slip off in a few of the scenes as well. This one is lighter hearted than most of the other spy demise/clone demise clips, but it still fits in that genre and Galas and Miss Velvets did a great job.

Overall Score: 8.5/10