Review of Jackson Vs Alexandria

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingJackson Vs Alexandria – 21 mins

Jackson Takes on Alexandria Hamilton on this instant classic back and forth battle!Bikini clad Jackson throws down with a SEXY, Gold Booty Shorts clad Alex as these two swing for the fences with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, combos and more! The heads are snapping, and the hair and spit is flying as the girls battle on, each looking for the KO. Plenty of jabulous action complete with POVs and great replay action for the final shot that sends one girl crashing to the canvas for the 10 count!

I am still just so happy to be able to see Jackson back in action again, so I just had to go with another video and another defeat of the flexible veteran. This time in a boxing match and this time not as one sided as the wrestling match was. Jackson comes out swinging and controls the first part of the match, if you didn’t read the description, you would assume that Alex is going to be her usual jobber self and get completely flattened, but then out of nowhere really, Alex starts swinging back and before you know it, Jackson is flat on her back and out cold. This match is pretty good, it is missing a knock down or two, but the punch reactions are solid and the final KO punch is excellent. This vid looks really good, not really sure why, but it looks a bit better then MMW vids normally do and again has no long intro or background music. Overall, I enjoyed this video too and is just so great to have Jackson back an jobbing again, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more vids with her.

Overall Score: 9/10