Review of Jabulous!

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingJabulous! – 14 mins

Its  Jabulous time in the MMW ring! As Tsunami dons black tights and sports bra, standing across frona cheeky booty short, and sports bra clad, Athena!  Two FAST, heavy handed, strikers!  Athena stepping up to fill in for an injured Laney Dawson, has agreed to a non-title bout with the Hawaiian phenom Tsunami.  The girls are gloved up, the bell has sounded, and its to box! Both girls come out strong, exchanging snapping jabs, they both connect in the initial exchange, with Athena Law landing the cleanee hits within the flurry, tgwu keeo their feet moving and again they exchange, again with Athena landing the cleaner hits.  The women circle each other, sizing one another up, Taunami has eaten a few CLEAN shots, and seems just a tiny bit reserved, as Athena dances around the ring, chin down, hands up, she look comfortable in her stance as she snaps more jabs at Tsunami, all the while hiding her chin behind her gold gloves.  The two boxers exchange again,  with Athena circling out and jabbing Tsunami in to the corner, Athena is launching missile after missile, connecting over and over again, for the first time in the MMW ring, Tsunami looks like she may be in trouble, as Athena Law swings for the fences, determined to hand Tsunami her first loss!  Is Athena about to do the unthinkable?  The flurry continues and Athena throws a lighting quick right, smack on the button and Tsunmai falls to her bottom in the corner, Tsunami is down! Tsunami is down! Tsunami is down!  The count begins and Tsunami is quick to get to her feet.  The two women go to their neutral corners.  Gloves up, and its time to fight again, Tsunami comes out and Athena wastes no time throwing jabbing combos straight in to Tsunamis ‘s face, Tsunami eats each one and fires right back, connecting perfectly with Athena’s chin!  Athenas demeanor changes as she is stunned with the clean jabs she just ate, but she stays focused, keeping her feet moving, but Tsunami is on a warpath!  Firing more and more jabs at a stunned Athena, Athena fires back but with noticeably less percision and force.  Tsunami is quick to answer with a razor sharp 3 punch combo!  You look in to Athena’s eyes and you can see the fight leaving her, and her lazer perceision punches become frantic flails, as she struggles to keep up with Tsunami’s, steadily increasing pace.  Athena is trapped against the ropes, having her face battered with right, and left hooks, Athena’s head snaps back and forth, until a GIANT right hook spins Athena in a circle, knocking the champ cross eyed and laying her flat on her back.  Its one and one, and its anyones match, as these ladies keep up the pace, throwing hands and exchanging blows,  more faces hit the canvas, and more counts are made, until a final brutal uppercut puts one girl to sleep, face down, ass pointing straight in the air!  Which girl is walking out? And, which girl is stumbling out?

Got a nice boxing vid here from MMW. Nothing too fancy or overly brutal in this one, just some good old boxing action. One that starts out pretty even, with both girls getting their shots in. They both score a knockdown on each other, but after a little while Tsunmai gains full control of the match and after a couple of knockdowns score the KO and the win. I did love Athena got all dazed and even got hung up in the ropes for one of the knockdowns. Even though I say that there isn’t anything special, I don’t mean that as a bad thing, sometimes it’s good to just get a regular boxing match with no bells whistles or special rules. This match still had good action and good outcome. Athena continues to prove to be a great jobber along with Alexandria for MMW.

Overall Score: 8.5/10