Review of Jab Fest X

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest X – 13.5 mins

Amber meets Becca in the dressing room to challenge her to a boxing match. It seems that Madison is Amber’s best friend and Becca recently defeated her (see “Jab Fest IX: Part Two”). Although Becca doesn’t truly want to be the FWR boxing champion she’s willing to put her belt on the line against Amber. The girls meet in the ring and we find out immediately that Amber is totally out classed. A serious and silent Becca punches her all around the ring in this 3 round fight. Amber ends up on her face several times and is luckily saved by the bell for rounds one and two. But round three shows that Amber should never have challenged Becca as she’s pummeled on the ropes. She finally staggers to the center of the ring and drops to her knees where Becca finishes her off with hooks and uppercuts to win the match. Amber is left with her butt in the air as Becca takes her championship belt and leaves.

A nice one sided boxing match here, one where Amber digs her own grave. I do like when girls do that. She walks in and challenges Becca, trying to get revenge for Becca beating Madison, but Amber doesn’t stand a chance, I don’t even think she landed a single blow. Becca completely mops the floor with her. As is accustomed to the Jab Fest series, this beating is all face punches, and we get several knockdowns along the way. Amber does look great in her gold one piece and she sells her beat down wonderfully. This is one of the Jab Fest vids where the storyline is clear and straight forward, as they do get complicated sometimes. I’m am wondering where this will go next, is Summer going to come in and fight again, or Peyton, maybe Madison will get a rematch or maybe some of the newer girls. I don’t know, but I feel this story can literally go anywhere now and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what happens from here.

Overall Score: 9/10