Review of Jab Fest VIII

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest VIII – 15 mins

It’s time once again for another installment of our Jab Fest Series! As you may know, there’s a small alliance of tough girls who are trying to destroy the regular girls here at FWR. In this match Madison thinks she’s boxing Jessica but quickly finds out that Kat is actually an alliance member and Madison’s opponent! The match begins and it’s obvious that Kat rather enjoys being jabbed and punched by Madison, allowing the strong girl to smack her in the face for quite some time! But as the match progresses we find that Madison is getting weaker and less effective with her punches. Kat takes control and before you know it, Madison can barely hold her arms up as Kat works her over on the ropes, in the corners, and all around the ring. We include some creative camera shots and lots of front and back shots of the girls as they box. In the end you’ll be treated to a final uppercut that sends Madison flying to the mat, knocked out and the recipient of a LONG two minute series of victory poses by the sexy Kat!

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a favorite series for me, I love the constant face punching and this series tends to be pretty one sided, sooner or later. As far as the storyline goes, I’m probably just as confused as Madison was as too who’s running this so called alliance and what their true goal is. But all that really matters is Madison takes a nice beating after a decent amount of back and forth action. Kat is wonderful as the cocky heel, brushing off Madison’s punches, for the most part. This one also isn’t so strictly jab punches as others in the series have been, we get a lot of good hook punches and a few uppercuts, but still mostly jabs, I mean it is called Jab Fest after all. I love Madison’s selling, she gets pretty punch drunk in the end, lots of stumbling around and dizzy eye crossing, but she did her best not to go down without a fight. In the end of course, Madison is out cold spread eagled on the mat and Kat takes plenty of time to pose over and mock Madison before leaving her to sleep it off. I’m never going to get tired of this series and I hope we get Kat vs Peyton next to see who’s really in charge of this alliance and maybe get some answers to what the goal really is. I look forward to whoever falls victim next.

Overall Score: 9.5/10