Review of Jab Fest VI

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest VI – 14.5 Mins

madisonVanessa approaches Madison in the dressing room to inform her that there’s an alliance being built by some of the tough girls at FWR. Madison isn’t afraid and warns Vanessa that she better not be a part of it and basically challenges the veteran fighter to a boxing match. Cut to the ring where they meet face to face. The tough girls circle and Vanessa strikes first … and for the remainder of the fight! Madison is slowly beaten down by Vanessa’s powerful jabs, her head snapping back as she tries valiantly to protect herself with her boxing gloves. But as the match progresses, Madison’s arms drop lower and lower until they hang uselessly at her sides. Vanessa destroys the girl, trapping her in the ropes in the middle of the match and finally at the end for the final powerful barrage of uppercuts that knock poor Madison unconscious.

Not only is this a boxing match with all jabs. AKA, punches to the face, which I love, but it’s also a total domination by Vanessa over Madison, which I also love. Madison doesn’t even lay a hand on Vanessa, not even once, the whole time. I like how there a few signs of Madison being a little unsure of herself. From the little jump scare in the locker room, to when they touch gloves in the ring, Madison doesn’t even move Vanessa gloves, although she tried and she looked pretty nervous after that. Once the match starts it’s a pretty gradual wear down of Madison, although she’s quickly pretty defenseless and it’s just Vanessa beating a punch drunk Madison all over the ring, which is fantastic. Madison looks lovely as she staggers around the ring, just trying to stay on her feet. She get trap in the ropes several times and is just beggared with countless punches. She’s also knocked to the canvas several times too, but she’s able to struggle back to her feet for more punishment. This is the kind of one sided boxing matches I crave, when they’re not over the top and silly. I love Madison as the jobber whose bit off more than she can chew and I love Vanessa as the seasoned veteran, just putting a jobber in her place. I would have liked the final KO to be with Madison on the mats instead of on the ropes, but that’s it, everything else is excellent. Great boxing action here.

Overall Score: 9.5/10