Review of Jab Fest V

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest V – 15.5 Mins

JABSasha meets Becca in the boxing ring to warn her that there are some tough girls planning to start an alliance to beat everyone up at FWR. Becca doesn’t believe her, saying that all the girls know that FWR is a fantasy custom video company, so Sasha decides to prove her point by beating poor Becca senseless! This match, filled with head snapping jabs to the face, starts out with Becca on top, punching Sasha all around the ring. But Sasha comes back strong and proceeds to dominate the blond boxer, knocking her down a few times. Becca is worked over on the ropes, in the corners, and in the center of the ring as the brunette punches her pretty face with her powerful jabs! There are some sweet slow motion scenes included that we’re sure you’ll love. In the end, Becca is knocked out with her butt in the air as Sasha tells her “I still have a lot of respect for you … you can really take a beating! I hope that helps when the Alliance comes looking for you!” Don’t miss this punch filled boxing match!

Some more great FWR boxing action that quickly turns into another awesome Becca squash. These Jab Fest videos always have some cool and interesting stories to them. This time Sasha talks about an alliance of some sort that is gathering to beat up Becca or a portion or the FWR roster, although I not to sure what they have in mind, it sounds like a good time to me. So, Becca does start out in control, but only about a minute in Sasha start to laugh off Becca’s attack, which really throws Becca off her came and leads to Sasha’s total domination. I have to hand it to both girls, for nailing their expressions, Becca looking clearly nervous and Sasha just looking as evil as can be. It take literally no time for Sasha to get Becca good and punch drunk and Becca stays in that state for the rest of the match. Countless jabs bounce off Becca’s chin as her arms hang limp at her side and she stumbles around or hangs half-conscious in the ropes. I love Becca’s punch drunk reactions, love all the head snapping face punches, all the knockdown, where Sasha has to help Becca back to her feet and of course the great “darri-air” final KO pose. The dark lipstick drew my attention away from her eyes or the rest of her face for that matter, looked a little weird, I don’t know if weird is the right word, Becca is obviously still gorgeous, but took me a little while to get used to that. Anyway, when it comes to boxing matches, this one checks all the boxes for me and having Becca as the jobber is an obvious plus. A great one sided boxing match that shouldn’t be missed.

Overall Score: 9.9/10