Review of Jab Fest IX: Part Two

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest IX: Part Two – 15 mins

The author of our “Jab Fest” series had an idea for a multi part video and has decided to start with Part Two for reasons known only to him 🙂 Let’s just say that when we shoot and publish “Jab Fest IX: Part One” it’s going to be a “prequel”. Does that work? Ok, good. Now, here’s the storyline … there’s still an “Alliance” of bad girls who plan to destroy the good girls at FWR. Becca and Madison are good girls but Becca is upset that Madison hasn’t been serious about trying to stop the Alliance so they have a boxing match. The action goes back and forth but it’s evident that Becca is the tougher girl and although Madison gets punched out the most, she actually kind of enjoys it! And we think YOU’LL enjoy watching these two bikini clad beauties beat the stuffing out of one another!

This series, story wise, has lost me “episodes” ago. I have pretty much lost why the girls are fighting each other, who’s on what side, or why. Some of that is due to the departure of talent and some of it due the girls saying, “no I’m in charge” or “no, she’s running the show” or other back and forth stuff like that. It definitely doesn’t help that this 9th episode starts with part two. That being said, I still love the hell out of the action that comes in each one. The last few have been pretty one sided with Becca our Madison getting wrecked, but this one is much more even, even though it’s pretty clear that Becca was the stronger gal pretty early on, but they both get knocked down, they both laugh off/laugh at each other’s attacks. I also like the big old school boxing gloves and of course all the face punching, after all, this is a jab fest vid. So, honestly I don’t care where this story goes, but I wouldn’t it mind it making some kind of sense either. As long as the action stays the same I’m going to keep loving this series.

Overall Score: 9/10