Review of Jab Fest IX: Part One

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsJab Fest IX: Part One – 13 mins

This new episode of “Jab Fest” is actually a prequel to “Jab Fest IX: Part Two” which featured Madison boxing Becca. We learn through the opening dialogue that Peyton has created the “Alliance” as a way to bring excitement back to the FWR boxing ring. Tara, Antoinette, and Sasha were champions way back but have long since gone their own ways. Peyton finds Summer entering the studio and offers to let her be her “best bitch”, meaning that Summer can be Peyton’s protégé and learn to be a great boxer. Summer doesn’t accept the offer but Peyton goads her into the ring anyway. A spirited boxing match ensues with tons of jabs and plenty of knockdowns between these two beauties. Summer thinks she’s won the match but finds out that Peyton is MUCH tougher than she thought. In the end, Summer is left hanging on the ropes as Peyton uses her face as a punching bag! Enjoy!

The Jab Fest series is back and as another of my FWR favorites I am glad to see the custom writer is cooking up a new chapter of this mind boggling, backstabbing, evil plot filled storyline as Peyton is restarting her evil schemes planning to recruit Summer to help even the odds. The “oh so glamorous” Summer isn’t instantly on board with Peyton’s plans and ends up challenging Peyton to a boxing match. What follows is one of the most highly contested boxing matches that I can remember from this series, as Summer proves to be no push over and in fact, arguable beats Peyton, if it wasn’t for some evil trickery from that no good Peyton that puts Summer out for the night and gives Peyton the last laugh. I’m not sure if cheating someone out of a win is the best method of recruiting, but either way I had great fun watching this boxing match unfold. Peyton and Summer both looked and performed excellently and I can’t wait to find out where this story could possibly go next.

Overall score: 9.5/10