Review of Jab Fest: Becca’s Plaything

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Jab Fest: Becca’s Plaything – 13 mins

The tough blond boxing champion, Becca, is confronted by a cocky Sinn Sage while she’s shadow boxing. Sinn makes fun of her belt, calling it fake, then challenges her to a match. Becca, a serious fighter who recently destroyed Kristie Etzold (see “Jab Fest: Becca’s Revenge”), remains silent but the look in her eyes shows that she’s not impressed by Sinn. The match begins and Sinn quickly realizes that she bit off more than she can chew! Becca tears her apart with mostly jabs, causing Sinn’s head to snap back from punch after punch. The visiting boxer manages to get some punches in but she soon realizes that she’s not hurting Becca. Sinn’s eyes go wide with surprise as she realizes that she’s going to be destroyed by our pretty blond boxer!

It’s always great to see Sinn visiting FWR and this time is no different. You got to love Sinn coming in the ring feeling so cocky when she sees Becca and you can’t blame her as she’s had a run in or two with Becca in the past that’s gone pretty well for her, but this time Becca is not to be messed with. She gives Sinn the silent treatment and isn’t the slightest bit intimidated. In fact it’s Sinn who starts getting a little nervous when she notices that Becca isn’t being intimidated by her. The match gets underway and as you would imagine Becca dominates almost the entire match. Sinn does get a few punches in here and there, but doesn’t really have too much of an effect on Becca and it’s Sinn who meets the mat multiple times before the end. I do love Sinn’s selling, she has great reactions to the many jabs to the head and even better punch drunk reactions. Becca does break the silent treatment after a while, knowing she got this win well  in hand too. Overall, this is another great jab fest entry, it has all the things l love, one sided action, lots of face punches, a few knockdowns and a great final KO. I do hope to see more Sinn Sage at FWR soon and of course more Jab Fest videos as well.

Overall Score: 9/10